We must be careful what we say. I say
You are not speaking graciously. You say
I said it condescendingly. I see
Hypocrisy in me, and reel. You see

I am not careful what I say. Oh God,
Forgive this fault. We’ll give account to God
For every careless word we speak, it’s true.
That’s no excuse for how I say it’s true

We must be careful what we say. The pain
You feel I’ve caused while trying to ease the pain
Of words sent out in haste. I failed to take
The time to find the proper words that take

“You must be careful what you say” and set
The message in a frame that you would set
Up in your “heart’s apartment.” So you find
The picture unfit for decor. I find

I must be careful what I say. I must.

What better way to say “speak lovingly,”
Than say it that same way? Speak lovingly.

(Spring 2016)