Early Risers

Suburbia is sublime at sunrise,
The air alive and aromatic and                                                      

The quiet uncontested; commuters
Delay their daily dest—Wait. What?

Hear the hectic hullabaloo: Wheels working
Parallel the rapid pat-pat, pat-pat Of puppy paws on pavement:

A tiny terror, territorial;
A chihuahua chases a startled cyclist.

A conundrum: Could the canine, combining with oncoming
Traffic, come to a tragic conclusion?

The pedaling person perspires, pondering
Notifying the neighbors: “Nora’s no more.”

Fortunately, his vehicle’s velocity
Fazes the furry fanatic’s ferocity.

The dog decides, dejectedly,
To turn toward tinier targets.

The boy on the bike —might I mention, me—
Released and relieved, continues on his course.

(Spring 2015)